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The "New Way"....The Feminist Way!

The "New Way"....The Feminist Way!!!

20 de octubre de 2010



My mother is a feminist, who does not believe in marriage. Instead, she believes in finding good genetic stock in a male and having him father a child for her. So, neither my Older sister Leslie nor I have any idea who our different fathers are. When Leslie was born my mother decided she did not want to raise a child who thought of herself as limited by her gender. So, Les was not raised as a boy or a girl, but in a kind of feminine unisex way. She had a hair cut that could belong to a boy or a girl and most of her clothes left her gender in doubt. Mom just introduced her as "My child Leslie."

On the other hand, mom did not want Les to miss out on the special feeling and power that feminine finery brings. So her few dresses were fabulous -- not K-Mart specials, but designer brands for children.

When I was born 5 years later mom was very happy with how Les was turning out and saw no reason to raise me any differently. I wore pants and tops that were a bit feminine for a boy, but masculine for a girl. As mom thought it was crude to stand to pee, I sat and as I did, I had no need for flies in my pants or panties. When the occasion called for dressing up, Les and I were both in designer dresses. We also had feminine hair dos and matching nail polish.

Of course Les noticed that I was made different than her, but mom just told her that children came with various kinds of plumbing, but that was no reason to treat them differently. Of course people ooed and ahed over how pretty both Les and I were in our dresses and I enjoyed being the center of such positive attention.

We did not attend public or private school but had a live-in tutor, Mary, who later was mom's lover. Les and I have similar training. We learned math, history (with a feminist spin), science, and literature (mostly female authors). Our toys ranged from dolls to building sets.

When it came to puberty time, mom and Mary told me that unless something was done, I would not look cute in dresses much longer. As that meant a lot to me, I had a managed puberty. I got just enough hormones and blockers to stay androgynous while being a fertile male.

When I was 15 Les introduced me to Cathy, one of her younger friends at college who was just 18. Cathy was gorgeous, but shy of boys. Les had told her that I was male, but otherwise more like a girl than a boy.

She'd never met a sissy before, but she was very accepting -- even fascinated. We became girl friends and went places together. She wanted me to look more femme when we went out, so I started wearing make up regularly and letting my hair grow into more feminine styles. One evening when we were walking on the beach in the moon light, she took me in her arms and kissed me. After that we started dating. We tried to keep the change quite, but Cathy, mom and Mary son figured it out.

Mom made me wait till I was 18 to have real sex. Of course Cathy and I had been doing other things in the mean while. The weekend after my birthday, Cathy took me to a beach cottage and saw that I lost my virginity properly. She asked me to be her wife. I said yes, and mom and Mary gave their blessings.

We married the summer after she graduated. We both wore pants suits. I thought of wearing a wedding dress, but could not do it. I worked as a jewelry sales person at a department store while she got her M.B.A. Now she is a C.P.A. and I'm raising our two boys as mom and Mary taught me.



Mi madre es una feminista que no cree en el matrimonio. En vez de eso cree en encontrar un buen almacen genético en un hombre  y en hacerle padre de un hijo pero que será para ella. Así que ni mi Hermana Mayor Leslie y yo no tenemos la menor idea de quién es el padre de cada uno de nosotros. Cuando Leslie nació mi madre decidió que no quería tener una hija que se viera limitada por su sexo. Así que Les no fue criada ni como niño ni como niña, sino de un modo unisex feminista. Tenía el pelo lo bastante corto que bien pudiera ser de un niño o una niña y la mayor parte de su ropa dejaba a la gente en duda sobre el sexo del niñ@.

De otro lado, Ma no quería que Les se perdiera el contacto especial que los buenos vestidos de niña muy femeninos proporcionan. Así que los pocos vestidos que tenía eran fabulosos, no los de K-Marts, sino los de los mejores diseñadores para niños.

Cuando yo nací 5 años más tarde Mamá estaba muy contenta como Les se iba desarrollando y no vio ninguna razón para criarme de un modo diferente. Me vestía de pantys y tops que eran un poco femeninos para un chico pero asculinos para una niña. Cómo era un poco difícil para mi hacer pis de pie, mi madre lo arregló haciendo que me sentara en el inodoro y así evitar manchas en mis panties. Cuando se presentaba una ocasión para vestirse mejor, Mamá nos vestía con vestidos de diseño. También llevábamos un peinado femenino y nis pintaba nuestras uñas del mismo color.

Por supuesto Les se dio cuenta de que ella y yo éramos diferentes, y Mamá le explicó que los niños a veces venían con diferentes cañerías, pero que eso no era motivo para tratarlos de modo diferente. Por supuesto la gente sus piraba y exclamaba sobre lo bellos que tanto Les como yo estábamos en nuestros vestidos y ambos disfrutábamos de ser el centro de atención.

Nosotros no íbamos a ninguna escuela, ni pública ni privada, sino que teníamos una profesora