martes, 16 de mayo de 2017


Find a boy who will dress in matching lingerie with you!

Real experience #1 from Reddit


Hello, im 25 and my gf is 24, i recently told my so that i want to change roles in bed. Because she is as dirty as me, she was eager to try. Maybe she wanted to punish my for playing too much with myself, but the idea of locking my penis turned her way too much.

On Our first try she was testing different things. She made fun od my size, told me that she wants a real man to satisfy her, said that she will lock me for a month and fuck me with a strapon. Long story short, i came 3 Times in a row and she made me taste my own cum saying "not so tasty, heh?"

She made me buy a strapon and cock Cage. Im not sure what i Got myself into... Damn she is crazy, but it makes me Diamond hard.

Update #2: Today's sex was awesome. There is something in humiliation that turns me on, and ever her. Again, she called my penis pathetic and small. She is angry that i played with myself and said i will stay in a cage for 4 days when it arrives. She also laughed a bit from me saying i cant even fuck her properly. Damn she is a natural. She even told me that her co worker has bigger dick then me and would be a better lover for her. Btw, if anyone is curious how she looks, here is a photo.

Update #3: So, the cage is finally here. I must say, it feels good. I was so horny getting it first time on, that i needed to cum first. already sent my gf few photos of her property. I'm pretty screwed :P

Update #4: Gf finally returned from trip. We were both equally horny. I, because i was locked for almost three days. She, who knows why, but she was never that horny before, probably because she has the control now. So, after she laughed a bit from me, she ordered me to eat her out for almost 10 minuted until she came. Then I put on strapon belt, with the biggest dildo we have and I fucked her until she came second time. Now here is the twist for me... I thought she will take the cage off so i can cum too. I was wrong... She laughed a bit, dressed the strapon herself and made me suck it clean. And here i sit, locked again, waiting for release maybe tomorrow. Right now, im horny, pissed, confued and obedient...