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Find a boy who will dress in matching lingerie with you!

Real experience #1 from Reddit


Hello, im 25 and my gf is 24, i recently told my so that i want to change roles in bed. Because she is as dirty as me, she was eager to try. Maybe she wanted to punish my for playing too much with myself, but the idea of locking my penis turned her way too much.

On Our first try she was testing different things. She made fun od my size, told me that she wants a real man to satisfy her, said that she will lock me for a month and fuck me with a strapon. Long story short, i came 3 Times in a row and she made me taste my own cum saying "not so tasty, heh?"

She made me buy a strapon and cock Cage. Im not sure what i Got myself into... Damn she is crazy, but it makes me Diamond hard.

Update #2: Today's sex was awesome. There is something in humiliation that turns me on, and ever her. Again, she called my penis pathetic and small. She is angry that i played with myself and said i will stay in a cage for 4 days when it arrives. She also laughed a bit from me saying i cant even fuck her properly. Damn she is a natural. She even told me that her co worker has bigger dick then me and would be a better lover for her. Btw, if anyone is curious how she looks, here is a photo.

Update #3: So, the cage is finally here. I must say, it feels good. I was so horny getting it first time on, that i needed to cum first. already sent my gf few photos of her property. I'm pretty screwed :P

Update #4: Gf finally returned from trip. We were both equally horny. I, because i was locked for almost three days. She, who knows why, but she was never that horny before, probably because she has the control now. So, after she laughed a bit from me, she ordered me to eat her out for almost 10 minuted until she came. Then I put on strapon belt, with the biggest dildo we have and I fucked her until she came second time. Now here is the twist for me... I thought she will take the cage off so i can cum too. I was wrong... She laughed a bit, dressed the strapon herself and made me suck it clean. And here i sit, locked again, waiting for release maybe tomorrow. Right now, im horny, pissed, confued and obedient...

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TGGGtD - Introduction


"I believe that many women are intimidated by and uncomfortable with the concept of erotic female domination because of the way they see it portrayed in adult films and in the media. I believe that men also develop many bad habits after years of satisfying their fantasies on their own, and focusing on their own pleasure. Through communication, trust and safe, sane and consensual exploration of erotic power exchange, I think many couples can experience pleasure they never imagined, and also develop better relationship communication and intimacy."


I receive a lot of email from women who are exploring domination. Many of them are doing it at the urging of their husbands or boyfriends, and the woman's attitude can range from "This sounds ridiculous and twisted and I don't think I can ever do it but I want to make him happy" to "Hmm, sounds kind of interesting, but some of that stuff is just too weird." The common question is always, "Where do I even start?"

I decided to develop a series of "scenes" that range from extremely tame to a little more risky. But rather than just say, "Tie up your mate and do this, that, and the other thing to him," I wanted to add what is important;

What YOU might get out of it How you can do it without feeling uncomfortable How to communicate about it.

Hopefully, the end result will be that you find there are things you kind of enjoy, things you do once and say "not for me," and things you do and look back and think, "Hey, that was really HOT! I want to try that again."


To help you better understand where I am coming from, let me tell you a little bit about who I am, and about this web site. I'm a very normal woman living a very normal life, with a career, and a mate. Unlike most of the women I hear from, I got into "erotic power exchange" on my own, when I was an experimenting teenager, and 
was not introduced to this by a boyfriend or husband. When I was a teenager, while relatively sexually conservative, I was fascinated with the sensualism associated with games like tying up my partner, or using blindfolds. As I got older, I was exposed to more, at my own pace, and found that there were a great many things I could enjoy with a partner. Some of them are considered quite kinky. In fact, some of the things I do now, I would NEVER have imagined I would do! One thing has never changed though, and let me make this clear:

I have always found the portrayal of "dominant women" in adult films and most adult erotica to be cheesy, ridiculous, and sometimes downright silly.

Chances are that you might only know about female domination from these ridiculous portrayals of latex clad divas and men acting pathetic and you feel embarrassed for them. Rest assured, this is NOT what you are going to become. These films are developed to cater to a male audience. And most men, while they kind of dig that fantasy, really want one thing: A woman who really ENJOYS dominating him. That is more important than a costume or a fetish.

First, the rules. Please read these WITH your mate.


--No nagging. Don't push her into doing it. Let her do it when she is ready. Don't pressure. If she says "I am going to give this a try when I am ready," you are to back off and let her approach it in her own way. 
--No asking for more. When she's done with the scene or session with you, don't ask for more. Even if you think you are complimenting her by saying, "Oh I am so turned on, please can we keep going" -- DON'T. There is a time for communication (more on that later), but when she signals that she is done, you can't ask for more. 
--Don't top from the bottom. No hinting at her, no telling her what to do, no trying to "help" her unless she asks for it. No trying to manipulate her into doing more of what you like. THE PURPOSE OF THIS IS FOR HER TO FIND OUT WHAT SHE ENJOYS. You already know what you enjoy. 
--Don't get addicted. The rush will be fantastic. Separate your relationship from your passion for these games and don't let it 
rule your life. Provide her with appropriate affection and encouragement in the hours and days following her exploration, without expecting anything in return. 
--Retain dignity. If groveling is your kink, please tone it down. Keep your reactions in check and note how she responds to your reactions. The goal here is to not have her feel uncomfortable when she sees you submit. All women react differently to varying degrees of humility in their mates. It's your job to find out what her comfort zone is. It might change with 
time, but out of the gate you want her to enjoy it and not be distracted by you acting too pathetic for her taste.


--Enjoy yourself. Let go. Don't compare yourself to the stereotype of what you think "female domination" is -- whether it be a dominatrix you saw on TV or something you read in the newspaper or saw in an adult movie or B-movie. This isn't the same thing. --Enjoy yourself. Make sure you do the things you like and do them lots. If something feels right but you feel confused about it, know that you can reflect on it later, communicate with your mate and find out how you feel about it. 
--Enjoy yourself. This is YOUR time. Do not get caught in the trap of thinking, "Ok, I can do this. I can stomach it to please my partner because I love him." That's not the point. It defeats the purpose.--BE SAFE. Most of these examples are fairly tame, but always know your partner, his health situation, allergies. Always have a communication mode set up, either agree to talk openly during the entire time (So if he says "STOP", that means stop), or set up a "SAFEWORD" if you prefer to role play -- so if he says "STOP" and is just being dramatic, have a code word that really means "STOP". Personally, I prefer open communication, especially if you are just starting.


The Good Girl's Guide to Domination

The Good Girl's Guide to Domination (TGGGtD):
  1. Introduction.

The End

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Femdon es (1)

Femdom es obligar a tu marido o novio a vestirse con ropa interior femenina.

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El castigo de la vergüenza


I am 47 and have been married two and a half years, and along with my husband Alan now have a stepson and stepdaughter who join my daughter and son.

Their ages range from my boy 12 and daughter 17 to my stepsons aged 13 and stepdaughter 22.

I used the threat of basic corporal punishment to pretty good effect in this period and warmed their bottoms through their trousers. 
More recently I raised the bar considerably with warnings about a rather more embarrassing approach for the boys.

Alan himself is old fashioned in his views and although he had on his own never thought about bare bottom discipline for his boy he has given me full support on this.

No warning is any good without action and in August of 2015 I did it and it caused a sensation here.

As when I spanked on the seat of the trousers it was done in front of everyone here. No concession whatsoever was made to modesty.

Alan's boy was marched into the living room in just a t-shirt and bared all.

My own boy has followed by gracing the living room with his bare bottom in October and the threat is of more to come for either of them should I deem it necessary.


Tengo 47 años y estoy casada desde hace dos años y medio. Mi marido Alan aportó a nuestro matrimonio un hijo de 13 años y una hija de 22. Yo aporté mi hijo de 12 y mi hija de 17.

Yo solía amenazar con castigo corporal y calentar sus culos a través de la ropa. Hace poco subí bastante el listón advirtiendo de una posibilidad más vergonzosa para con ambos chicos.

A pesar de que Alan está muy anticuado en sus puntos de vista, y nunca pensó en los azotes en el culo desnudo, me apoyó.

Ninguna advertencia es buena sin la correspondiente acción y en agosto de 2015 lo puse en práctica y causé sensación en casa.

El hijo de Alan fue al living room llevando tan solo un camiseta y estado desnudo el resto.

Mi propio hijo le siguió en octubre.

Wife really into frot

For those wondering, frot is a cock-to-cock contact done between guys to achieve pleasure by rubbing.
At first, I was really disgusted by it but apparently, my wife - the driving force and the creative brains in my cuckold/hotwife lifestyle - is really intrigued by it.
During threesomes with one of her boyfriends - who is a good friend of mine too - she gleefully played with our cocks by holding them in her hands and rubbing them with each other. She really takes her time doing that and enjoys rubbing our foreskins together and even our slits. She even sucks both cocks at once and as strange as it may sound, I was really repulsed by it but after a few times doing it, I was really turned on!
Our two cocks touching each other while in the hands of my wife is super erotic! Above all, our two cocks side by side while drenched in her saliva is even hotter.
I was never into frot but this changes everything :) Any of your frot adventures that I should try?


Para aquellos que se lo preguntan, frot es un contacto de polla a polla entre dos tipos para conseguir placer frotándolas.

Al principio, estaba bastante disgustado pero, aparentemente, mi esposa - la fuerza directora y el cerebro creativo en mi estilo de vida cornudo/esposa caliente - estaba realmente intrigada por el frot.

Durante un trío con unos de sus amigos - que a su vez es muy buen amigo mio - ella alegremente jugó con nuestras pollas cogiéndolas con las manos y frotándolas entre ellas. Realmente se tomó su tiempo haciéndolo y disfrutando frotando nuestros capullos e incluso nuestras aberturas. Incluso chupó ambas pollas y, tan extraño como parece, mi mente rechazaba esta acción, pero después de unos minutos, realmente me calenté.

¡Nuestras dos pollas en contacto físico la una con la otra en las manos de mi mujer es supererótico! Sobra todp, nuestras dos pollas juntas mientras se empapan en su saliva es incluso más caliente.

Nunca volví al tema del frot pero esto cambió todo. ¿Debería probar algunas de tus aventuras de frot?

NOTA: La palabra frot no existe en inglés, pero parece que significa frotar.