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My First Time Sharing

My First Time Sharing.

My name is Dave, I'm 22, 6', 170. Recently graduated from college, where I roomed for 4 years with my best friend Scott. We had been buddy's since high school, and had seen each other naked or just walking around in our snug white Jockey briefs many, many times. We use to joke about how very similar our bodies were, same height, weight and both with very smooth body's, with just small patches of pubes above our cocks and to be honest, if we didn't score any pussy, we would often openly jerk off together and on occasion suck each other off.

That said, after graduation we both moved back to our home city. Scott moved in with his girlfriend Kathy and they lived about a mile from my apartment. One day Scott called asked me over for lunch, which I gladly accepted. I arrived and we started off with a few drinks and lots of small talk. I had trouble keeping my eyes off of Kathy's great body. About 5'6", around 120 lbs., curly auburn hair. She only wore a tee shirt, which clearly showed her firm tits and nipples and I could see she was not wearing a bra. She was also wearing a pair of very skimpy shorts, which seemed to wedge into to her pussy and ass.

Kathy got up and went to fix lunch and after she left the room I reached into my Jockeys to adjust my hard on, looked up and saw Scott doing the same, only he dropped his jeans and adjusted his stiff cock in his briefs before pulling his jeans back up. We both just sort of smiled at each other, then I said "You have one hot lady, dude". He said "if you're interested, maybe the three of us could share some hot sex together". My mouth dropped open and after I recovered replied "Fuck yes Scott, I'd love to share anything and everything with both of you". He walked over to me, grabbed my stiff cock through my jeans, I did the same to him, and he said "let's have lunch Dave".

Well, we did just that. Kathy had put together a super feast of food and the three of us ate like kings. After lunch we all worked on clearing up things and then went back to the living room. We started on more cocktails and in about an hour we all had a mild buzz going on. The conversation eventually turned to sex and Kathy boldly asked me how my sex life is going. I told her "So-So, that the girl I'd been balling recently relocated so I Jerk Off quite often". I then asked her how her sex life was, she replied "Great! Scott fucks me once or twice a day and I often suck him off, he also told me about the things you two have done and it's cool with me. He also said you have almost identical cocks and large balls, (we do I'm 8 1/2" Scott is 7 1/2" and both have large smooth balls). Would you like to suck and fuck with us?" I looked over to Scott and he had a big grin on his face and gave me a thumb up. Kathy then stood in front of me and pulled her tee shirt off and revealed a great set of tits with great nipples. She than straddled my legs and sat on my lap and we started kissing with our tongues lashing into each other's mouth. I then moved down and started sucking on her great breasts. Scott came over and started kissing her and she rubbed his cock through his jeans.

We broke apart for a moment, all of us breathing heavily. Kathy stood, unzipped her shorts and pulled them off exposing the most beautiful, hairless pussy I've ever seen. I could see her wet clit and moisture on her pussy lips. I reached over and played with her clit, then slipped two fingers into her very moist pussy. I pulled them out, stuck one in my mouth to taste her juice, and then offered the other to Scott, which he sucked on. Kathy then said "Okay guys loose the tee shirts and jeans, and each of you take them off the other one. I peeled off Scott's tee then he did mine, I then knelt and pulled off his jeans and there was that big cock I'd seen before, hard and pointing up to his hip, in his tight white Jockeys, he in turn did the same to me and saw the same. Kathy then giggled and Scott asked her what was so funny. She said "It's amazing, you guys have almost identical bods, except Dave has black hair and your blonde. Okay now take each other’s Jockeys off and you can only use you mouths". It then became clear that she wanted to be in charge, so we complied. Scott went to his knees, slipped his tongue into the leg band of my briefs, caught them with his teeth, and lowered them to my ankles. I then did the same to Scott, stopping once to lick his balls, then bit into the waist band and pulled them down. 

Kathy looked at both of us with our bones sticking straight out and sensually licked her lips. She laid down on the floor, spread her legs and said "I need a tongue in my pussy and a cock in my mouth. I immediately dropped down and shoved my head between her legs. Scott went to her face and put his cock into her sweet mouth. I started by sucking on her clit then, spread her pussy lips and shoved my tongue as far as I could into her dripping pussy. She was moaning and squirming then took Scott's cock from her mouth and said "Fuck me Dave, fuck me, I need a cock in me". I gladly obliged and pulled up to her pussy with my cock, rubbed the head up and down her slit, then slowly slipped into her tight and VERY wet pussy. Scott then continued fucking her mouth as I pumped in and out of her, pulling out until only the head of my cock was in then shoving it back into her. I think we could all sense we were getting close to cumming. She took Scott's cock from her mouth and said "I can’t hold back guys I'm cumming". I shoved deep into her and felt her cunt muscles squeeze tightly around my cock. I felt her quiver and discovered she actually squirts when she cums (it was very wet & hot). I started kissing her and then began spewing my load deep into her. Scott was stroking his cock, then he stuck the head of his cock between our lips and shot one of the biggest loads of cum I had ever seen him produce. Kathy and I both greedily shared, then, swallowed his hot cum.

We then, somehow ended up in a triangle. Kathy sucking her pussy juice and my cum off of my cock & balls, me sucking Scott's cock & him eating my cum out of her pussy. We went on to do much more that day & many times after that.