sábado, 28 de junio de 2014

Uncle Tom

Since I can remember, uncle Tom was always with us. He came every Friday and was with us until early Monday morning. He was very good with us, my sister Laura and I. My names is Cindy and we lived with Dad, Sam, and Mom, Jenny.

Laura and I loved uncle Tom. He was is charming, friendly and funny. Dad was also very good to us, but he was more serious, a person you can trust. Mom was a lovely person, but she was the one who put us limits, and in some extreme cases, punishment. You know, kids need some rules. Thanks to them, Laura and I had a happy childhood.

When we were little girls, uncle Tom came home when we were sleeping. Uncle Tom lived in a city 200 miles from ours. He always came home around 23.00. Howewer, he always came to our room ad gave us a kiss on our cheek. Once he didn't, we woke up crying in the middle of the night.

During the workweek, Mom and Dad slept together in the large bedroom. During the weekends, Mom and uncle Tom slept in the large bedroom, and Dad slept in the guest bedroom. We didn´t knew why, but we didn't care. Weekends were more fun with two Dads.